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“I felt better after the first session, and a couple of months in, I experienced a shift that changed everything. I can't recommend Natalie highly enough.”

-- Therapy Client 

“I have greatly benefited from her C-PTSD therapy approach and my family and friends are noticing a difference in me. I have already recommended her to others. A true professional and compassionate listener."

— Therapy Client

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Welcome! I’m so proud of you for taking control of your health and searching for support in your healing journey. This is a big step that takes a lot of courage, and you did it. Our innate healing potential can feel out of reach when we are overwhelmed with emotions, thoughts, and uncomfortable physical sensations caused by stress, trauma, and anxiety. I want to help you realize your full potential and access that healing energy you already have inside you. 

I am a mindfulness based somatic therapist that incorporates internal family systems therapy (IFS) for deeper healing. Traditional talk therapy can sometimes be a superficial band-aid for your symptoms.  If you've tried traditional therapy and feel like you need something more, IFS therapy could be the radical and life changing therapy treatment you need.  So if you're ready for something healing and transforming, I'm here to help you access it!


I am here to support you on your journey for peace and balance. You are the one in control.  I look forward to supporting you on your path to healing!

**30 minute sessions available for $65 and 60 minute sessions available for $120**

**Currently providing telehealth sessions only during the fall and winter months**

   Build Awareness.

    Build Resilience.

For more information about my specialty areas and client focus,  please visit my page on 


Confidential Individual sessions that focus on the following:
Therapy Cost
$120 for a 60 minute session. $65 for a 30 minute session.
Credit/debit cards, and HSA/FSA cards accepted for payment

A service receipt can be provided that you can send to your insurance provider for possible reimbursement



Mindful Embodiment Training


YES, you CAN meditate!

 A lack of awareness of our breath and thoughts can lead us to feeling anxious, overwhelmed, and feeling controlled and trapped by things we cannot see.
Meditation trains you in becoming a master at finding your calm with breath awareness, concentration, and focus training.
Everyone has the power to meditate!
Where attention goes energy flows!

Mental Health Therapy

$120, 60 minute session
$65, 30 minute session

healing is within you
Mental health therapy has been proven to help reduce the symptoms of various mental health concerns.
In session you are in control of what we talk about and the pace at which we discuss certain issues.  I am here as a support for you in your journey for healing and can provide suggestions for topic direction.
My therapeutic style is laid back and relaxed. I use mindfulness training and internal family systems therapy, as well as education of the brain, body, and nervous system when talking about mental health concerns and how to build resilience to life in general.

Telemental Health Therapy

Enjoy a session from the comfort of your own home, office, back yard, wherever you feel most comfortable!  Just make sure you have access to a phone, computer, or lap top that has internet connection and a microphone. I will send you a link via email or text that will take you directly to our video session.  It's so easy!

If you have any questions or concerns with telehealth, please ask! 




Want to feel relaxed and supported? Restorative yoga is a deeply relaxing style of yoga practice with little to no muscle activation.  During this time you are held and supported by blankets, blocks, bolsters, or pillows.
When you feel relaxed and supported, you can let go of tension in your body and find a state of balance, allowing your body and mind to heal.
If this sounds ideal to you and your healing journey, we can incorporate restorative yoga with your mental health therapy

$100, 60 minute session
$60, 30 minute session



Presentation Experience

100+ Presentations Given
260+ Guided Meditations (crowds as large as 170 people) 
- September 2019 Key Note speaker at the Student Career Conference, Eastern Kentucky University
June 2019 Presented at the AUCCCO conference in New Orleans, LA
- March 2019 Presented at the Northern Kentucky Brain Injury conference
- June 2018 Presented at the University of Oregon at the AUCCCO conference
Worked for 10+ years with college students. Provided mental health counseling and professional development workshops on various topics

Trainings and Workshops

Custom workshops available upon request. 
Can be created and tailored to participant needs.
Price upon request
(Length can be tailored to preferred time frame)



QPR Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper Training: Get certified as a QPR Gatekeeper in suicide prevention. Training takes 1-2 hours. 

Resilience Builder Workshop:   This workshop with invite you to bring awareness to your core values and to the unhealthy behaviors that are no longer serving you.  It will provide you with the information and tools needed to create resilience routines for a lifelong practice of health and wellness.  The dimensions of Food, Sleep, Movement, and Stress Management will be discussed and how you can create and keep resilience routines to reach your optimal health and resilience to past, present, and future stressors. 

Optimal Performance Workshop: If your young adult will be heading to college and you don't want them to feel overwhelmed with the freedom of late nights and unhealthy eating, then prepare them with this workshop. We will address the four dimensions of wellness and how they can create and keep resilience routines to reach their optimal performance and stay ahead of the game. 

Guided Meditation: Topics include General Mindfulness, Self-care, Guided Imagery, Motivation, Self-Discipline, Change and Resilience, Gratitude, Overcoming Obstacles, Loving-Kindness, and New Beginnings


Yoga Experience: Restorative yoga for relaxation and basic level classes





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