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Psychotherapy-Meditation- Embodiment





Heart racing? Shortness of breath or a tightness in your chest?  Racing thoughts and worries? Or maybe a sense of shutting down, feeling numb, and not knowing how you got from one destination to the next.  Anxiety, depression, and trauma can cause us to feel uncomfortable in our own skin, unable to enjoy simple things in life such as going out to dinner, being at work or school, sleeping, or even relaxing at home with friends or family. Anxiety, depression, and trauma can take control of our lives, but with talk therapy and  skills training (meditation, yoga, and embodiment techniques) you can gain the power back! 

I am a mindfulness based somatic therapist that will provide you with talk therapy and coping techniques that are EFFECTIVE and ADAPTABLE to your everyday life. If you've tried talk therapy and felt as though you needed something more, skills training for embodiment and meditation could be the missing pieces you've been looking for.


                                        Talk + Skills Training = Change

I am here to support you on your journey for peace, balance, and contentment. You are the one in control.  I look forward to supporting you on your path to healing!

For more information about my specialty areas and client focus,  please visit my page on psychologytoday.com 


Confidential Individual sessions that focus on the following:
Therapy Cost: $120 for a 60-75 minute session
Cash, check, credit/debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover), and Cash App accepted for payment
A service receipt can be provided after session that you can send to your insurance provider for possible reimbursement


Mindful Embodiment Training


 A lack of awareness of our breath and thoughts can lead us to feeling anxious, overwhelmed, and feeling controlled and trapped by things we cannot see
Meditation trains you in becoming a master at finding your center with breath awareness, concentration, and focus
Everyone has the power to meditate!
Where attention goes energy flows!

Talk Therapy

Talk therapy has been proven to help reduce the symptoms of various mental health issues and concerns
In session you are in control of what we talk about and the pace at which we discuss certain issues.  I am here as a support for you in your journey for healing and can provide suggestions for topic direction
My therapeutic orientation is mindfulness based cognitive-behavioral. I find that when you incorporate meditation, embodiment, and yoga into treatment, talking about mental health concerns can become much easier
Let's Talk about it!

Embodiment Training

Mindful embodiment comes from mindful movement with the body.  This is when we make a movement on purpose with present awareness

We move everyday but most of the time on autopilot, acting without thinking.  This leads to a continuation of anxiety, depression, and a disconnection from self and others

Mindful embodiment is a movement that connects you to your authentic self allowing you to heal unprocessed emotions and  let go of old emotional responses that no longer serve you

Examples of embodiment techniques include grounding, dragging, tapping, shaking, and other various movement to bring fascial awakening
You must move the tissues to heal the issues!



Restorative yoga is a deeply relaxing style of yoga practice.  Poses are held from five to ten minutes.  During this time you are held and supported by blankets, blocks, or bolsters (pillows)
You will enter into a state of deep relaxation.  This is where you can let go of those deep holding patterns in your body and find a state of balance, allowing your body to heal
ND Wellness uses yoga for your holistic healing and incorporates yoga movement in conjunction with breathing, meditation, and embodiment techniques


Presentation Experience

100+ Presentations Given
260+ Guided Meditations (crowds as large as 170 people) 
- Upcoming: September 2019 Key Note speaker at the Student Career Conference, Eastern Kentucky University
June 2019 Presented at the AUCCCO conference in New Orleans, LA
- March 2019 Presented at the Northern Kentucky Brain Injury conference
- June 2018 Presented at the University of Oregon at the AUCCCO conference

Trainings and Workshops

Workshops can be created and tailored to company/organization/group's needs

    Workshops: Self-care, Stress Management, Peak Performance, Active Listening, Empathy and Gratitude, Meditation, Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence, Assertiveness, Free Yourself From Anxiety and Fear, Performance Anxiety, Mental Health in the Work Place

(Length can be tailored to preferred time frame)

Guided Meditation: Topics include Mindfulness, Self-care, Guided Imagery, Motivation, Self-Discipline, Change and Resilience, Gratitude, Overcoming Obstacles, Loving-Kindness, and New Beginnings

(Length can be tailored to preferred time frame)

Embodiment Exercises: Trainings help with stress management, anxiety, and panic responses. Participants will be taught specific techniques for self-regulation to help them reach their peak performance

(Length can be tailored to preferred time frame)

         Yoga Experience: Restorative yoga for relaxation and basic level classes


(Length can be tailored to preferred time frame)



NOTE: ND Wellness is located on the second floor of the Hartland Shopping Center and is accessible by stairwell (see picture above for reference)

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