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Every Part of You is Welcome Here

I feel lighter, freer, and balanced with IFS being a part of my healing journey, and you can too! Our innate healing potential can feel out of reach when we're overwhelmed with feelings, thoughts, and uncomfortable physical sensations due to anxiety, trauma, and stress. I want to help you realize your full potential and access that healing energy you already have inside you. 


Testimonial: "I felt better after the first session, and a couple of months in, I experienced a shift that changed everything. I can't recommend Natalie highly enough."

I am a Level 2 trained IFS therapist that incorporates meditation and movement for deeper healing. Traditional talk therapy can be a superficial band-aid for your symptoms. IFS therapy is a radical and life changing type of treatment that will help you heal and transform.  So if you're ready to begin, or start again, in your healing journey, I'm here to help you!


Personalized Care and Guidance



Mental health therapy has been proven to help reduce the symptoms of various mental health concerns.

In session you are in control of what we talk about and the pace at which we discuss certain issues.  I am here as a support for you in your journey for healing and can provide suggestions for topic direction.

My therapeutic style is laid back and relaxed. I use mindfulness training and internal family systems therapy, as well as education of the brain, body, and nervous system when talking about mental health concerns and how to build resilience to life in general.

$130, 50 minute session

Meditating on the Beach


Wellness consultation is great for people who are either mental health providers or individuals curious about IFS and how to incorporate it into their personal and professional lives. 

$130, 50 minute session

Image by Avel Chuklanov


Workshops available for businesses looking to provide care for their employees through various topics such as stress management, meditation, suicide prevention/awareness, healthy habits, and many more.

Weekdays 8am-5pm: $260 for the first hour. $130 for each additional hour

Evenings (after 5pm) and Weekends: $390 for the first hours. $180 for each additional hour

White Sand and Stone


Four session model to teach the basics of meditation. Sessions will focus on posture, breathing, mindfulness, loving-kindness, mantra, and visualization.

Meditation training can also be incorporated into your mental health therapy. 

$130, 50 minute session

Child's Pose


Want to feel relaxed and supported? Restorative yoga is a deeply relaxing style of yoga practice with little to no muscle activation.  During this time you are held and supported by blankets, blocks, bolsters, or pillows.

When you feel relaxed and supported, you can let go of tension in your body and find a state of balance, allowing your body and mind to heal.

If this sounds ideal to you and your healing journey, we can incorporate restorative yoga with your mental health therapy

$130, 50 minute session


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